In its 2.XX version, the program maintains a collection of notebooks. A collection of notebooks is simply a set (unlimited) of notebooks defined by the user.
   Each notebook can be stored
and encrypted with a key of 128 bits.

   See here for the start of the new GizmoMarks.

   Data from a notebook are divided into topics and each topic includes an unlimited number of topics:

The headings notes.
links to applications or documents located on your computer or network.
links to URLs or e-mails.
The program GizmoMarks
exists for the Mac, Linux and Windows.

     Generated files (extension. Bef), are used by the program GizmoMarks matter what the platform (Mac, Windows, Linux), so that the same file can be
used in a heterogeneous network and through the cloud.
GizmoMarks v. 2.03
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5.07 Mo
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